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Emoji And Emoticons

Contest is everything when you are trying to communicate. Just ask a Story writer or a Movie maker. Even if you are not running for office and you just want your statement to be understood better online then the humble emoticons have become a powerful tool. I mean think about it STFU :) has a very different meaning from STFU.

BUT Where Did This Little Text Faces Even Come From?

The answer is quite hard to say, something appeared to be a smile showed up all the way back in a poem from 1648 after the word smiling. Yet some historians have dismissed it as a probably printing error and there was an intentional typographical Art display in 1981 issue of a Magazine. Though many things from nineteen century there are a lot clunkier then what we use today.

So even though noticing the latter and punctuation can sometimes look like other things is not actually the hardest idea to rape your hade around. It was not until a HUNDRED Year later that the EMOTICONS began to be standardised. So picture this it was 1982 and professor Scott Elliott Fahlman of  Carnegie Mellon University in Pittsburgh frustration is building up inside him.  The very very funny jokes he is posting to school's bulletin board system are not being received as well as he feels. Could it be for some reason people are just having a hard time figuring out where the punchlines are? Now while it is entirely possible that his jokes were just terrible.It turns out that yes people were having difficulties figuring out jokes Vs serious post.

So he came up with a novel solution and sent an email  containing this

19-Seo-82   Scott E Fahlmn  :-)
From: Scott E Fahlmn <Fahlman at Cmu-20c>

I propose that following character sequence for joke markers:


Read it sideways, Actually, it is probably more economical to mark things that are not jokes, given current trends. For this, use


to a colleague proposing that it act as a joke marker of visual laughter like of shorts that would point out the punch line to the reader. People liked this smile emoticons so much that it soon spread to  Usenet ( an online discussion system that predated the web).  Then spread like a wildfire from there with other user offering their own emoticons to supplement Fahlmn's original smile and friend.

Then a few years later in 1986 Horizontal Emoticons that are not on their sites are started tp appearing in japan.  These Kaomoji added more flexibility to the standard set of western style emoji. We also have Japan to thank for emoji, Those small emoji images that could be inserted into messages as they are the fancier version of Text Only  Emoticons.

The man who originally created emoji Shigetaka Kurita was trying to find a way to get across emotions and ideas in a way they are more effective than mere words. But would still feet into a primarily spaced medium that was space limited. In fact, the first emoji were only 12 pixels long and 12 pixels wide, but Kurita was still able to create one hundred seventy-eight emoji with his design team and these emoji first launched in 1999  for a mobile internet service and since an emoji implementation was proprietary at the time. They were used to be a sealling point for services that offered them. so more and more carrier in Japan started to follow suit. Adding to  Kurita's 172 designs and even throwing an animation for extra waoo factors.

Now, of course, there are so many different emojis implementations by the mid-2000 The different carrier found it necessary to add the ability to translate an emoji from other providers so that you could see from your friend properly even if they run a different network. But Heres a catch, these emoji how added to Unicode in 2010 helping to standardize emoji across different languages, websites and programs. But anyhow when you copy some emoji from facebook to twitter it will show some changed emoji because it will actually read each emojis Unicode and then drop in from it's own library of emoji artwork, for the most part, it won't change the meaning of your messages but it is something to keep in mind.         


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