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Hi, I am Abhijit Mishra a regular under grade student at Sambalpur University. When I was in class 7, my parents bought me a PC with internet connectivity. From that day to this day I use the internet to learn all sorts of thing, but sometimes I was unable to understand a few things. So I used to ask about those things to my father, my teacher & my senior And when they make understand that I was like why these articles making it so complicated then. From that point on I decided to make thing simple. When I was in Class 10 for the first time I started Blogging writing about these complicated science topics in very simple words. Well after that I focused more on studies and workshops and less on blogging. But now I am Back Again and I am focusing more on the blog as well. So I hope you like my Article & help me improve it And Please Leave Your Feed Back For me.

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