AI | How AI Learn

When a newborn baby enters the world as a clean slate He/She learn and develop to be an adult. Babies have an innate knowledge that helps them to voraciously learn and rapidly adapt. But that’s not what AI does. In case of AI, it’s machine learning. That’s when a computer learns everything it needs to know … Read more

List Of Food To Strengthen Your Bones

The Bones of our body maybe sturdy enough to transport us all day every day but, they are vulnerable too. Bones may lose their strength if neglected. We have listed this 11 foods that can strengthen your bones and put that spring back. So Let’s get Down to it. 1.Eggs Scrambled or boiled, eggs can … Read more

Antimatter | Only Place Where Antimatter Can Survive

The whole Universe is made of matter. Everything is made up of matter, you, me, smartphones, PC, Pizza, Puppies, Black-Holes everything you can possibly think of. But there is also this thing called antimatter. Around the turn of the last century, Einstein was working on the theory of relativity and other physicists were trying to … Read more

Supersolid | State Of Matter

Well, who can say all the state of matter at once? Solid, Liquid, Gas, SupperSolid, SupperFluid, Bose-Einstein Condensate, Plasma, Excitonium, Fermionic Condensate And holy moly there are lots of states of matter nearly around 70 states of matter that’s insane. We are really living in future, don’t you think? Scientists have created, yet another state of matter! … Read more